Cream Legbar (Large Fowl)

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Cream Legbar (Large Fowl) Breed Information

Carriage: Very sprightly and alert, with no suggestion of stillness.
Type: Body wedge shaped, wide at the shoulders and narrowing slightly to root of tail. Back long, flat and sloping slightly to the tail. Breast prominent, and breast bone straight. Wings large, carried tightly and well tucked up. Tail moderately full at an angle of 45 degrees from the line of the back.
Head: Fine. Beak stout, point clear of the front of the comb. Eyes prominent. Comb single, perfectly straight and erect, large but not overgrown, deep and evenly serrated (5 to 7 spikes broad at the base), extending well beyond the back of the head and following, without touching, the line of the head, free from “thumb marks” or side spikes. Face smooth. Ear-lobes well developed, pendant, smooth and free from folds, equally matched in size and shape. Wattles long and thin.
Neck: Long and profusely covered with feathers.
Legs and feet: Legs moderately long. Shanks strong, round and free of feathers. Flat shins objectionable. Toes, four, long, straight and well spread.
Plumage: Of silky texture, free from coarse or excessive feather.
Handling: Firm, with abundance of muscle.

The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences, except that the comb may be erect or falling gracefully over either side of the face without obstructing the eyesight, and the tail should be carried closely and not at such a high angle.
Weight: Large Fowl
Cock: Not less than 6-7lb Cockerel:
Hen: Not less than 4-5lb Pullet:
The male has cream barred neck hackles and the saddle hackles are cream barred with dark grey and have cream tips. The back and the shoulders are mostly cream barred with dark grey. The wings have dark grey barred primaries and secondaries with cream tips. The breast and tail are barred dark grey and the crest is cream and grey. The female has softly barred cream neck hackles. The breast is almost salmon coloured while the body is silver-grey with broad barring. The wings are speckled with grey and the tail is silvery grey with light barring.

The male Cream Legbar chicks have a pale dot on their head and have little or no eye barring. The female Cream Legbar chicks, the hens, have a dark brown or black stripe on their head which continues down the body with clear eye barring. They are quite a noisy breed and are very inquisitive to explore new places. Cream Legbars were developed in the 1930’s in Cambridge by crossing Brown Leghorns, Barred Plymouth Rocks and Araucana (for the egg colour). Cream Legbars are a pure breed of poultry, they are autosexing which means you can tell the sex of the chick at day old. They are a rare breed and are covered by the Rare Poultry Society. They were originally called Crested Cream Legbars but this was later change to Cream Legbar. They lay 180+ eggs per year, this is probably due to their leghorn ancestry.

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“We are very pleased with the four hens we purchased. They are happy and healthy and have settled in well with our garden flock.”

Rosanne Johns Excellent

“We bought a wyandotte light sussex and cream legbar. Beautiful birds and we received outstanding service from you. Thank you so much.”

Joubert family Excellent

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