Lavender Wyandotte Bantams

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Lavender Wyandotte Bantam Breed Information

The Lavender Wyandotte are a stunning looking bird that carry a nice even colour of lavender. They are a rare colour in the UK and the above pictures are the birds that we won our classes with at the shows in 2019.

Lavender Wyandotte Bantam Breed Characteristics

Male and female plumage: The Lavender is not a lighter shade of the Blue Wyandotte, it is different genetically and is of a lighter, more silver tint, without the darker shade associated with the normal blue. The silver tint is more pronounced on the neck and saddle hackles of the male. All other parts to be an even shade of Lavender. Feathers to have a Lavender shaft. The under colour to be Lavender, as close to the top colour as possible.
Legs and feet bright yellow. Beak yellow with some horn shading allowed. Eyes bright bay.
Serious defects: Feathers on shanks and toes. Feathers showing any other colour than Lavender. Uneveness of shade. Dark shafts(quills) Dilute blue.

Please look here for Lots More Pictures of our show standard chickens and check out my You Tube Channel to watch some Poultry breeds videos.

What Our Customers Say About us

“As always both Steve and Steph communicated brilliantly, fast efficient service and superb quality eggs. Steph contacted me to let me know that she would send them the following day and they arrived ahead of schedule, well packed and in perfect condition. Well done to all the Cheshire poultry team and many thanks.”

Mark Sharples Excellent

“Eggs were uniform size and all fantastic in colour, they are due to hatch on Friday its Monday today and five out of the six you sent me are fertile and completely full of chick and so I’m hopeful that my 8yr old will have her ‘purple’ chickens just in time for her birthday. thank you after a long hunt I know where to order quality hatching eggs from now.”

Carole Sansom Excellent

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