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Light Sussex Chickens (Large Fowl) Breed Information

Our Light Sussex birds are from two lines, one from Bernard Thompson who won the top awards at the Federation Championship Show 2008 and the other line Nick Smith who won the National Championship Show 2009, 2010, 2011 and Federation Championship Show 2009, 2010, 2011 and his name is synonymous with Sussex’s and he has won countless awards with his stock. The birds are very striking in appearance and have brilliant black hackle markings.


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We are a member of the Sussex Poultry Club and keep abreast of all the latest news regarding this breed. This helps us maintain our high standards and great show results with this breed. You can also become a member of this club for under £10 per year. By joining you will receive an annual newsletter and year book. You will also receive a Rules and Standard for breeding quality Sussex, a members list, history of the breed information and this way you will be helping to encourage and improve the breeding of Sussex for exhibition and utility purposes as well as having access to assistance from expert breeders. The club will keep you posted with all the latest information and show results regarding this breed. For more information on how to join contact us.

Light Sussex Chickens (Large Fowl) Breed Characteristics

Origin: Sussex, England. First bred at the turn of the 19th Century.
Classification: Heavy: Soft feather Egg Colour: Tinted

General Characteristics:

Carriage: Graceful, showing the length of the back, vigorous and well balanced.
Type: Back is broad and flat. Breast is broad and square and carried well forward with a long, straight and deep breast bone. Shoulders wide. Wings are carried close to the body. Skin is clear and fine in texture. Tail is of a moderate size and carried at a 45o angle.
Head: Of medium size and fine quality. Beak short and curved. Eyes are prominent, full and bright. Comb single, of medium size, evenly serrated and erect. Comb is fitted close to the head. Face smooth and of a good texture. Ear-lobes and wattles are of a medium size and fine texture. Neck: Gracefully curved with a fairly full hackle. Legs & Feet: Thighs short and stout. Shanks are short and strong and set rather wide apart. They are free from feathers and have close-fitting scales. Four straight and well spread toes. Plumage: Close and free from any unnecessary fluff.
Colour: Head and neck hackles are white, striped with black, the black centre of each feather to be entirely surrounded by a white margin. Wings are white, with black in flights. Tail and coverts are black. The remainder of the plumage is pure white throughout.
Weight: Large Fowl
Male: Not less than 9 lb (4.1kg) Female: Not less than 7 lb (3.2kg)

What Our Customers Say About Our Light Sussex Chickens (Large Fowl)

“Very prompt delivery. received eggs in good order and condition. So happy ,that I ordered for another batch of hatching eggs again. Hope to get it sooner. Many Thanks, Steve”

Lani Dewhirst Excellent

“We bought a wyandotte light sussex and cream legbar. Beautiful birds and we received outstanding service from you. Thank you so much.”

Joubert family Excellent

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