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Loman (Large Fowl) Breed Information

Loman poultry were originally bred in Germany for the mass production of eggs. These birds are a hybrid breed which is bred especially for egg laying. They are a hybrid of Rhode Island Reds.

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They lay at around 18 weeks of age and can lay most commonly one egg per day. They produce on average 280 eggs per year; making them extremely good to keep for eggs. The eggs are laid daily and usually between dawn and dusk. Fertility is excellent (for example 30 eggs went into the incubator and 29 hatched!). They are best bought at point of lay and make very good pets. They are easy to keep and will eat most things and are very inquisitive. For more information on how to join contact us.

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“Brillant communication, eggs arrived safe and sound due to excellent packing! Now I just have to get the incubation right this my 2nd attempt Thank you.”

J Broom Excellent

“Hi Steve, just to say thank you for your help with my hatching eggs and chicks, great service all round and a pleasure to deal with.”

Justin Hussey Excellent

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