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Silver Laced Wyandotte (Bantams) Breed Information

Our Silver Laced Wyandottes originate from German and Dutch bloodlines and we have retained the correct balance of Type, markings, but most importantly, vigour.

Silver Laced Wyandotte (Bantams) Characteristics

Origin: Ohio, USA. First bred by F.J. Marshall and F.M. Clemens in 1885 and declared a breed by American Poultry Standard or Perfection (APSP) 1893.
Classification: Soft feather
Egg Colour: Tinted

General Characteristics: Male
Carriage: Graceful, well balanced, alert and active but docile.
Type: Body short with well rounded sides. Broad and short back. Breast full, broad and round. Medium sized wings which are nicely folded to the side. Medium sized tail which is full and spread at the base. Main feather are carried upright, sickles of medium length.
Head: Short and broad. Beak is stout and well curved. Eyes are prominent. The comb is rose coloured and evenly set on the head being medium in height and width; gradually tapering towards the back and terminating in a definite spike (leader) which follows the curve of the neck. Face is smooth and fine in texture. Ear-lobes are oblong. Wattles are medium length and fine in texture.
Neck: Medium in length and well arched with a full hackle.
Legs & Feet: Thighs are medium in length and well covered in soft, fluffy, close and silky feathers. Shanks are medium in length, strong and well rounded. The shanks are free of feathers and fluff. Four straight and well spread toes.
Plumage: Fairly close and silky and not too abundant or fluffy.

General Characteristics: Female
The general characteristics are as the male except for the obvious natural sexual differences.
Colour: Male
Head is silvery-white, neck is also silvery-white with a clear black stripe through the centre of each feather (white shaft is permissible). Saddle; hackles to match the neck. Back is silvery-white. Shoulder tip silvery-white with black lacing. Wing bow silvery-white, wing coverts evenly laced, forming at least two well defined bars; secondaries black on inner web and broadly laced black on the outer edge. Breast and underparts; the web silvery-white with a well defined black lacing, free from double or white outer lacing, lacing regular from the throat to back of the thighs. A shaft may be found in the laced feather and is permissible but undesirable. Undercolour dark slate. Tail: true tail feather, sickles and coverts black. Thighs and fluff black -slate with clear lacing round the hocks and other side of the thighs.
Colour: Female
Colouration is the same as the male.
Weight: Bantam Fowl
Male: Not to exceed 1.70 kg ( 3 ¾ lb)
Female: Not to exceed 1.36 kg ( 3 lb )

We are a member of the Laced Wyandotte Club and keep abreast of all the latest news regarding this breed. This helps us maintain our high standards and great show results with this breed. You can also become a member of this club for under £10 per year. By joining you will receive an annual newsletter and year book. You will also receive a Rules and Standard for breeding quality Laced Wyandottes, a members list, history of the breed information and this way you will be helping to encourage and improve the breeding of Laced Wyandottes for exhibition and utility purposes as well as having access to assistance from expert breeders. The club will keep you posted with all the latest information and show results regarding this breed. For more information on how to join contact us.

What Our Customers Say About Our Silver Laced Wyandottes (Bantams)

“We purchased 2 of the best looking Wyandottes we have ever seen. Excellent quality and temperament. Steve was great and took us round to see the rest of his birds. Excellent information and insight in to each of the breeds, where they originated from and their blood lines. We will definitely return if we purchase any more birds!”

Natalie Cole Excellent

“Collected my trio of silver laced bantam Sunday as always chuffed with them. Excelent quality birds well worth the 1.5 hr drive to collect them. must be getting on for a dozen times I have bought birds from Steve and always the same stunning birds.”

Mark Wilkes Excellent

“I purchased 3 Silver Laced Wyandottes pullets for breeding, the quality are exceptional, as are all Steves birds.I had the pleasure of being shown around by steve and was given some great tips and advice from him and his staff, who are very knowledgeable. I would love to achieve the exceptionally high standards of Steves birds in the future, and with my purchases from him in birds and hatching eggs, i have a very sound foundation, thank you.”

Martin Godley Excellent

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