Steve Dace & family had once again taken the Best Goose/Gander award with a Sebastopol

TheDomestic WaterfowlClub’s CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 2014
Our annual show was once again held at the Brookfield Riding Centre just off Junction 11 of the M6 on Saturday 8th November. Our entries were down a bit as we had a number of exhibitors missing for various reasons, four of whom were out in USA visiting their top show with over 1,000 Call Ducks. Our weather was a real mixture. It stayed fine while exhibitors were bring their birds in and then poured with rain most of the day, clearing in time for our exhibitors to load up and return home. Our Judges who came up from Cornwall travelled up on the day and returned that afternoon. Tom Davis who did Heavy ducks and Juniors travelled up from London and Richard Sadler had the easiest journey coming down from Cheshire to judge Light ducks. Once our Show Secretary, Jackie Stanley, had started the judges on, exhibitors went down the café on site to swap stories on breeding and shows so far. Rupert Stephenson arrived with Blanche to take photos and we made sure they had a lunch before starting as once he gets going he will not stop. Jackie was ably assisted by Jean Stubbs in her prize card writing and Marcus Walker took on the duty of Trophy Steward. This has been done by June Wilson of Danetre School for a few years but they do not exhibit their birds any more which is a shame as we always enjoyed their enthusiasm. John Richards finished his stint on Geese and moved to Bantam ducks, while Danny Reed went through the Calls and Keith May the Runners. Tony Axon having done the Eggs started on Championship Row as the Best of Breeds, similar to the Poultry Club National, came along. Exhibitors soon trekked back to see the placings and who had the Best of Breed rosette. With all the Championship pens filled we watched as Tony examined each bird carefully. We soon learned Steve Dace and family had once again taken the Best Goose/Gander award with a Sebastopol. Heavy duck went to John Halley with a Pekin and he also won Best Call with a white. Best Light went to Crissy Cookson with a Welsh Harlequin. Best Runner went to Malcolm Hicks with a Mallard, Whites no longer reign supreme. Best Bantam went to Gloria Evans and Franco Fontanini with a Miniature Silver Appleyard, Best Junior went to Lewis Holtom and finally Best Egg exhibit went to Clare Lovegrove. This just left the top two awards where Tony finally chose the Miniature Appleyard as Best with the Sebastopol Reserve. The judges had their lunch and the West Country group headed with a good journey taking them back to Tony’s home in Exeter by 4.30 p.m. Marcus Walker having organised the trophies and Jackie Stanley having done the paperwork, Marcus presented the trophies to a group of happy exhibitors with some new names on the list. Our plans are to return to Brookfields next year. I was told by one of our local exhibitors of geese, Mr. Naismith, that the centre used to be owned by show-jumper Stephen Hadley. Source: Fancy Fowl Magazine, February 2015

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